NIIT's ‘Money back’ offer

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NIIT has offered a Money Back

package in computers for Class XII pass-outs as part of its Futurz career

programs. It includes a series of programs of duration from six-months to

four-years on the latest technologies leading to DNIIT and iGNIIT title.

This offer is aimed at students

who have appeared in various exams and are awaiting the results. It allows

students to appear for an aptitude test at an NIIT center and enroll for a

career program, while awaiting their engineering or medical results. Should they

secure admission into engineering or medical college based on competitive exams,

their fee paid to NIIT will be refunded. However, should the candidates wish to

continue with the course, they simply need to ask for transfer to the NIIT

center closest to their college.

It has come up with this

offering following a nationwide study conducted among students who had appeared

for the Class XII exams. The study revealed that the students' biggest concern

was uncertainty about their future and their likely career options. By

introducing this offer, NIIT hopes to take care of this uncertainty.

According to Pradeep Naryanan,

Senior VP and head, NIIT Education (India), “As leaders in IT education, the

responsibility of easing the anxieties of such students is naturally entrusted

upon us. We hope to offer bright career aspirants in medicine and engineering an

alternate career in IT, should their aspiration not be met due to intense