NIC to use E-Lock digital signatures

DQW Bureau
02 Jul 2005

Frontier Technologies Corporation (E-Lock) has announced that NIC India would
be using its desktop and web-based document signing solu-tions. E-Lock's
wholly owned subsidiary in India-Tellus Techno-logies has been empane-lled as
a vendor of elec-tronic signature solu-tions to NIC. The empa-nelment was
through a tendering process ini-tiated by NIC India.

The E-Lock range of digital signature prod-ucts will be used by NIC for
internal use as well as to bid for various projects. For their imme-diate
requirement, NIC has already placed an order for E-Lock's desk-top and
web-based doc-ument signing solut-ions (E-Lock DeskSeal). These solutions will
be used for signing and appro-ving of reports, memos and orders within NIC
itself. This includes documents that are exchanged between various state level
offices of NIC.

NIC is shifting towards a paperless environment, which will save time in
completing processes as well as save costs in ter-ms of paper, printing and
exchanging of docum-ents via fax or snail mail.

E-Lock provides des-ktop as well as web based digital signature products that
aid in the signing of electronic documents, forms and transactions. E-Lock
products are used by various government organizations across the world including
the US, UK, Australia, Portugal and Chile.

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