WSO2 Empowers Startups for Cloud Native Apps on MS Azure with Choreo

WSO2 announced an alliance with Microsoft to empower startups to develop cloud-native applications on MS Azure with Choreo, to strengthen the Indian startup ecosystem. This effort brings Choreo, WSO2's innovative cloud-native internal developer platform.

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WSO2 Empowers Startups for Cloud Native Apps on MS Azure with Choreo

MS Azure with Choreo

WSO2 has partnered with Microsoft to enhance the development of cloud-native applications on Microsoft Azure using Choreo, thereby bolstering the Indian startup ecosystem. This collaboration showcases Choreo, WSO2's advanced cloud-native internal developer platform, providing startups in India with comprehensive access to resources, support, and technical expertise for cloud-native app development.


The surge in popularity of cloud-native app development is undeniable, attributed to its numerous benefits. However, the intricacies of setting up and managing cloud infrastructure pose a significant challenge. This complexity acts as a deterrent for startups eager to embrace the cloud but lacking the development bandwidth to concurrently establish and operate cloud infrastructure while creating digital products for their clientele. This collaboration aims to offer the Indian startup community a vital toolkit for navigating the intricacies of cloud-native application development. By introducing Choreo to startups throughout India, this initiative aims to dismantle barriers to entry in the cloud-native app development arena.

Choreo is constructed atop the Microsoft Azure platform, catering perfectly to development teams dependent on Azure. It harnesses over 30 Azure services, such as Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Key Vault, and Azure DevOps. This integration establishes a comprehensive development platform on Azure, streamlining the process of cloud-native app development. The outcome is heightened developer productivity, simplified workflows, and an accelerated pathway for customers to bring their digital products to market swiftly.

“Choreo simplifies cloud native app development, offering developers and startups the essential tools and capabilities required to build and manage applications on Microsoft Azure, and significantly enhances developer productivity, accelerating the time to market for new products and solutions,” said Kanchana Wickremasinghe, vice president and general manager of the SaaS business unit at WSO2. “This will eventually lead to increased ROI and lower TCO.”

Choreo is now accessible on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, simplifying the acquisition, deployment, and administration of Choreo on the Azure cloud platform. The primary audience for this collaboration is India's dynamic startup community, with an initial emphasis on key cities such as Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai.

In the first half of 2023, funding for Indian startups experienced a 36% decline, as outlined in a report by PwC India. This decrease is mainly attributed to prolonged due diligence processes by investors. Notably, early-stage deals constituted 57% of the total funding during this period.

“This innovation by WSO2 on Microsoft Azure will bolster support and accelerate the concept to product journey for Indian startups by alleviating investment costs and offering essential support in navigating the competitive landscape, said Sangeeta Bavi, Executive Director, Digital Natives, Microsoft India. "As a longstanding committed partner to the dynamic startup ecosystem in India, we are delighted that WSO2 is bringing cloud native development capabilities closer to startups, to help them succeed in a rapidly evolving technology landscape."