What is your New Year resolution?

Most of us make New Year resolutions every year. Those new year’s resolutions could be anything from getting into a perfect shape, to saving money and many more. Team DQ Week asked channel partners across region to find out what is their New Year’s resolution for 2013?


Saket Kapur, director, Green Vision, New Delhi
“As an entrepreneur is the fountain head of his business hence all self resolutions will have tangible effect on business resolutions. In light of this, my single resolution is centered around effective investment of time and capital through better management.”


K L Lalani, chairman, Lalani Infotech, Kolkata
“I want to open more e-tech malls in the city. The current Lalani e-Tech City is churning out a good amount of business, hence I see and opportunity there and want to expand my business and open more such retail stores in the city.”

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John Kottara, CEO, Cyber Corporation from Kerala
“This year I aim to concentrate more on client services and client satisfaction. I want to focus more on serving my clients better, so that they can develop complete trust on us.”


Praveen Gupta, CEO, Krishna Corporation, Gwalior
“I have been into IT business for the last 10-12 years. I seek to improve my business this year. I will basically aim for healthy margin. As in, I will intent to keep the gap between investment and expenditure, as low as possible.”



Deepak Sharda, Sharda Systems & Services, Jaipur
“As our company is hungry for profitability, it is increasing day by day. We have come across many such diversions which in one way or the other inspires us for a froggy jump to the new territories of telcom and VoIP communications, security and surveillance, Virtual Desktops (VDI) business and energy saving products. So with a heavy heart, we say goodbye to the laptop sales business from our retail outlet from 2013 onwards.”


Swarup Sinha from Advantage Computers, Guwahati
“We have already expanded our business this year into other sectors and I want to further improve the business. I want to be sincere at my job and I am also aiming at building a healthy client base and further expand my business.”


K Nagendran, CEO, GBS, South
“We plan to expand our business to newer territories and plan to open four more outlets this year. We want to establish ourselves as a trusted brand this year, so that consumers can buy our products without giving any second thought.”


Rajeev Poddar, CEO, Mahalaxmi Computers
“The IT market is in a very bad shape. I can’t figure out the exact reason, but I feel financial crunch is one of the main reasons for this state. So, this year, I have decided to shift from IT business and venture into something new.”


Ranjan Chopra, MD, Team Computers
“Team Computers turned 25 last year and continued to transform into a mature organization; the goal of delighted stakeholders is in sight. On a personal note, I finally jumped orbits in my journey as a musician and just loved jamming with our band ‘Lucca’. I continued to focus on physical fitness – still need to get rid off my double (sometimes triple chin). I have started enjoying my conversations with Paranjap. He amazes me with his intelligence and questions and I am worried that the school system is determined to destroy an 8 year old’s joy and wonder. I have failed in being regular at meditation.”


Ashish Gupta, CEO, Porwal Enterprises, Gwalior
“My New Year resolution is to focus more on retail rather than just distribution. This is because margin is very high in distribution. There are more resellers and less buyers. So, there is not much profit in distribution.”

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