New trains proposed by Suresh Prabhu : Railway Budget 2016

DQW Bureau
25 Feb 2016
New trains proposed by Suresh Prabhu : Railway Budget 2016

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has presented the budget for 2016-17 detailing the projects that he wishes to undertake in the next financial year. As expected, the minister has not announced a hike in either passenger or freight fares. The minister said the Railways, the largest public-sector employer in India, hopes to raise money through non-tariff means by monetizing assets.

The minister has proposed the introduction of new train services specifically aimed at people from lower-income backgrounds and to evolve new methods of revenue generation.

  1. The UDAY Express – It is basically Utkrisht Double Decker Air Conditioned Yatri (UDAY) Express with an increased carrying capacity of almost 40%.
  2. The TEJAS Express – Possibly hinting at semi-high speed trains, the minister said Tejas will be the ‘future of train travel in India’ with operating speeds of 130 kmph and services which would be world-class.
  3. The Humsafar Express – The Minister said this will be a fully air-conditioned third AC express with an optional service for meals.
  4. The Antyodaya Express – Aimed at people from low-income backgrounds, the Railways proposes to introduce the Antyodaya Express that will be a long-distance, fully unreserved superfast train that will operate on dense routes.

Additionally, the minister said 2-4 Deen Dayalu coaches in long-distance trains with unreserved coaches with facility for drinking water and mobile charging points.


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