New LG high definition plasma TV with built-in Seagate hard drive

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Technology has announced that leading consumer electronics manufacturer LG

Electronics has integrated Seagate hard drives into the world's first plasma

integrated High-Definition televisions (HDTVs) with a built-in high-definition

digital video recorder (HD-DVR). Seagate's DB35 Series consumer electronics

(CE) hard drive lets LG Electronics combine high-quality large-screen plasma

HDTV viewing with unsurpassed flexibility to capture, time-shift and archive

storage-inten­sive HDTV program­ming.


in 50 and 60-inch models, LG's PY2DR series features all the benefits of

plasma HDTV com­bined with a powerful 160-gigabyte HD-DVR built into the

ultra-thin cabinet. The new Digi­tal Cable Ready plasma HDTVs can store up to

14 hours of digital high-defi­nition


 pro­gra­mming or 62 hours of digital

standard-defi­nition progra­mming. The new wide screen pla­sma-DVRs incor­po­rate

an auto­matic time-shift feature, which con­tinuously re­cords in one-hour

inter­vals. Other features include slow mo­tion rewind and forward capa­bilities

and instant replay. The user-friendly sets also enable viewers to easily

organize recorded programs and set up repeat recordings of their favorite show.


Electronics and Sea­gate have worked closely to incorporate the best-in-class

Seagate hard drives into this innovative product through Seagate's unique

design processes and services, mee­ting LG's requirements for DVR convergence

into HDTV,” said Kwan-Seung Baek, Chief Research Engineer, DTV Development

Group, LG Electronics. “LG is pleased to expand the award-winning PY2DR

product line with the 60PY2DR and 50PY2DR 60 and 50-inch plasma HDTVs with an

integrated 160-gigabyte DVR, following its high-profile entry into the US market

a year ago that reshaped the US digital display landscape.”

DQW News Bureau, New Delhi,

Dec 26