NetLink Technologies launches

DQW Bureau
02 Feb 2002

NetLink Technologies, Chennai-based software solutions provider, has launched nationally its online field sales information management The solution was initially launched in Chennai in October 2001.

The system works on pay-as-you-use model, and the subscription charges to the service could be as low as Rs 300 per member per month.

Executives and managers of companies that subscribe to are provided with unique Login IDs and Passwords. Field employees can log in from wherever they are on the field, say from cyber cafes and enter their call reports for the day. They can also enter the details of orders, collections and balance stock with the channel. Managers can log in and immediately view all the call reports of such employees under them, and give their feedback and recommendations on each call. When the field executives log on the next time, they can view their earlier call reports with their managers' comments to have the full information to handle their prospects and customers.

Based on the information entered in the call reports, provides product performance reports, executive performance reports, collection reports, channel stock analysis, and prospect tracking. Executives can view their own performance reports, whereas managers can view the performance of the entire sales team under them and can drill-down to individual performance.

Executives and managers can use additional functionality at like the call planner and contact management. All the features are aimed at assisting sales executives in organizing their activities and providing them with MIS on their own sales performance, so that they are more effective on the field. And the power of online MIS would ensure that managers are effectively able to guide the activities of their field force towards better sales performance.

New-Age Business Consultants, an organization providing business performance improvement solutions, has been appointed as the business partner for for Bangalore and whole of Karnataka, apart from Hosur.

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