Netgear refutes non-fulfillment allegation

Netgear has refuted the allegations from channel partners about non-fulfilment of commitment. A senior source at Netgear commented, “The Company has neither promised nor do we commit to our partners for any sales target. We have just one and only Quarterly incentive program for our authorized partners. Those partners who alleged about Netgear are not even our authorized partners. Netgear dismisses this allegation.”

Netgear has also given the official legal statement on this issue and said, “Netgear policy is not to comment on any pending litigation.”

However, Jai Kumar Jain, Owner, IDM Solutions, Gurgaon said in previous coverage that Vipin Singh, RM Delhi Netgear committed the sale target in verbal. But as per the Netgear, this information is wrong as there was no employee in Netgear with this name.

In a previous coverage of The DQ Week on Netgear, Channel partners have raised an issue in front of the media where they had alleged that Netgear is not fulfilling its commitment to partners and company has committed on the sale target/ on billing to partners but now to depart with partners and commitments.

However, Shiv Kumar, Compusoft, Delhi said in favor of Netgear in previous story and said “ I am also doing business with Netgear from so long but I haven’t faced such issues with the company. Also, company is good at their support, after sales service and warranty”,


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