Netgear Introduces Arlo Pro Wire-Free, weather-proof Security Camera

Netgear has recently introduced Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Security Camera Systems (VMS4230), the world’s most advanced and versatile smart home security camera. Featuring quick-charge rechargeable batteries and two-way audio, this latest addition to the Arlo family is the first and only weather-proof, wire-free security camera complete with an ultra-wide 130 degree field of view.

The next generation of the award winning Arlo wire-free smart cameras, Arlo Pro features a sleek, stylish wire-free compact design that takes up minimal space and does not require an outlet for power. Arlo Pro wire-free cameras can be easily and discreetly placed anywhere – inside or outside of your home – from the front porch, to the baby’s room, to the front yard, or on the backyard fence. With crystal clear HD video, and now with long-lasting rechargeable batteries, two-way audio and the first and only weatherproof wire-free camera with a wide 130 degree field of view, Arlo Pro offers a home monitoring experience that is unlike any other. The new two-way talk allows you to hear everything that is going on in and around your home – talk to kids and pets or shout at intruders and thieves. With instant motion alerts and Arlo’s new smart siren, it has never been easier to put a stop to crime before it happens. In addition to these new features, Arlo Pro includes advancements across all areas of wire-free camera technology including innovations in video, night vision and activity detection, as well as several new software features that will significantly enhance the mobile app experience.

“Arlo Pro is the result of our singular focus to deliver the most innovative, intelligent and easy-to-use smart security products that uniquely address home and small business security needs,” said Marthesh Nagendra, Country Manager, India and SAARC, Netgear. “100% wire-free cameras provide customers with an incredibly easy and powerful way to monitor their entire property. Now with the addition of rechargeable batteries, two-way audio, an enhanced HD video experience, advanced night vision, improved motion detection, as well as our new smart siren, Arlo Pro delivers the best stress-free toolset for protecting your loved ones and valuables. ”

100% Wire-Free with Rechargeable Batteries – Arlo Pro’s patented 100% wire-free design is powered by a long-lasting lithium ion rechargeable battery that is quickly charged while inserted into the camera or through the optional dual-bay Arlo Pro Charging Station. And, if there is an outlet nearby, you have the option to continuously power Arlo Pro with the included AC adapter.

Crystal-Clear HD Video with a Wide 130 Degree Viewing Angle – With the widest field of view of any wire-free camera, coupled with sharp High Definition video, and the ability to place cameras anywhere in and around the home, Arlo Pro offers a video monitoring experience that is unlike any other.

Talk and Listen – Arlo Pro has two-way audio so you can easily listen in on what’s happening inside or outside your home. From the front porch, to the backyard to the nursery, listen in and talk and receive instant audio alerts directly to your mobile phone.

Innovative Night Vision Technology – Arlo Pro’s new RGB-IR night vision technology provides superior night vision viewing in clear, high resolution video – even in total darkness.  RGB-IR evenly illuminates the night scene viewing area, providing crisp details and images at the edges of the scene as well as in the far distance.

Powerful Infrared Motion Sensor – Arlo Pro’s onboard passive infrared motion sensor features a wide 130 degree capture angle and will detect movement at a range of up to 23 feet.  Receive instant alerts to your phone the second activity is detected.

New App Features and Apple TV® – First and foremost, all Arlo app features have been developed with the mobile experience in mind. Enhancements have been made to all aspects of the app for a more optimized, intelligent and easy-to-use experience.  With Smart Arm/Disarm you can now have Arlo cameras automatically arm or disarm based on your schedule or your location. The Arlo app is now also accessible via Apple TV. Simply download the Arlo app for Apple TV to receive notifications and view your Arlo cameras directly from your Apple TV. Arlo can also be connected to other smart home devices through platforms such as IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings®, and many more to come.

Smart Motion Recognition (coming later this year)  With smart object recognition launching later this year, Arlo will use advanced machine learning algorithms in the Arlo cloud to improve how Arlo cameras capture and report events. Smart recognition analytics identify people, cars, animals and swaying trees, allowing Arlo cameras to record and alert only those events that matter. Distinguishing between people, pets and other objects, and having the ability to ignore irrelevant movements and objects, eliminates unnecessary alerts, making Arlo even smarter and allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Crime Prevention with Smart Siren

New features of Arlo Pro have been added to not only deter crime and provide evidence for conviction, but help prevent crime before it even happens. In addition to the two-way talk feature, Arlo Pro also includes an extremely loud siren rated at 100+ decibels, which sounds from the base station. In the event that you want to alert or scare off an intruder, the siren can be remotely activated in an instant using the Arlo app, or set to automatically trigger when motion or audio is detected.


Free 7 Days Cloud Recording

With Arlo’s free cloud storage, both motion- and audio-triggered videos are always stored for 7 days at no extra cost. Additionally, instead of paying a monthly subscription fee for each camera, Arlo allows you to connect up to 5 wire-free cameras without recurring monthly subscription fees.


Pricing and Availability

The Arlo Pro Systems (VMS4230) is available in India starting at an MRP of 36500 INR.


Watch the Arlo Pro video at to learn more about Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security.


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