Netgear conducts five-city training

DQW Bureau
New Update


Netgear International Inc is conducting training on its technologies for IT representatives of their

channel partners. The company is holding these training sessions in five cities,

including Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. The company has flown

in Maxwell Jeffrey Fulton, its network consultant, from Australia for this


Jeffrey noted that Netgear has changed its positioning

significantly in the past one year. Earlier it was targeting the corporates, but

it has now started focusing on the emerging SMB segment in India.

"The profile of partners catering to SMBs is different

and they need to be empowered to sell Netgear solutions. This is why we decided

to have a stint of training to equip them with the basic knowledge on the

configuring these systems, across different networking technologies," he

added. These technologies included wireless, VPN and switching.


The sessions include hands-on training on these subjects

including a practical recreation of VPN between a laptop and PC. At the end of

the event, the audience is given a certification of participation.

While admitting that Netgear needed to percolate its training to the next

level of cities, Jeffrey stated that the company is working out the feasibility

of having web-seminars with partners.

Vinita Bhatia