NETGEAR awards Rashi Peripherals as the ‘Most Valued Distributor’

In a recent distributor meet at Mumbai, NETGEAR awarded its coveted ‘Most Valued Distributor’ award to Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd for business in 2015.

Presenting this award to Suresh Pansari, Director, Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd, the NETGEAR CEO and Co – founder Patrick Lo said, “Rashi Peripherals have been associated with NETGEAR since a long time and over the years they have added a lot of value to the NETGEAR business. Rashi Peripherals has been instrumental in expanding NETGEAR and helping its products reach in sixty four locations across India. We are extremely proud to be associated with Rashi Peripherals and thank them for their support”.

Subhodeep Bhattacharya, Region Director of India & SAARC said “In Rashi Peripherals we have a partner who is dedicated to developing NETGEAR business in India. Rashi Peripherals has a very motivated and qualified team helping the distribution business grow across the country and we are thankful to this team for their support”.

“We congratulate Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd for winning this award and looking forward to more such successful years”, he further added.

On receiving the best distributor award, Suresh Pansari, Director of Rashi Peripherals said, “Rashi has been associated with NETGEAR for over 10 years now, and each year our business and relationship has grown. The team at Rashi has been dedicated in maintaining higher standards and making the distribution a fluidic experience for the Vendor & Channel partners. This is just the beginning of a new era with NETGEAR, and we look forward to making bigger inroads in the market and ensuring NETGEAR solutions available in every nook & corner of the country”.

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