Nestle Your Home Dreams

DQW Bureau
30 Jun 2001


Are you planning for a house-to build one, to buy one or shift in one? Take a detour Let this be the first building block for your abode creation.

This site has comprehensive and congruous database on all the aspects of home building or home buying. Get tips and recommendations that you would have never thought about, but for this information.

It has six detailed channels, to make the knowledge about home making more explicit and reliant, ranging from ways to make home to design center etc. It also has eight small channels, which homes small tid-bits of information such as home buying made easy to wall paper downloads.


The Home Building Made Easy section homes a host of tips on home building decisions, various factors one needs to keep in mind while striking the deal. Listing of various related professionals, along with the selection tips in the Selecting Professional section. The Start to Finish is a detailed flow diagram, delineating the whole process of home construction, various nitty-gritties that are involved in the whole process. Get as grip on choosing the right land and location for your abode, what are the various things you should keep in mind before striking the final deal. If home loans are an open-ended question for you, read through this, and you might be an enlightened soul by the ends of this write-up. What goes in building the structure of your house? Know the brick and mortar secrets in the Building Material section, and ensure durability of the structure by picking various cues on care and nurture of your house. If your are in the process of planning for a home-budget and time becomes major coercion in the final fetch, download respective planners from the site. And little details will not let you forget during this whole episode, which make big differences.

Home Loan Made Easy is a channel on loans; get the introduction on various schemes, compare and contrast them. How to decide on the final deal, various things you should keep in mind-all in all the way to get a loan is enlisted here. A list of various financial institutions is also given, along with their contact numbers and schemes offered.

The Materials section enlists all the tangibles that go into making the structure. Not just tips on how to buy, but also homes a comparative cost analyses on various brands and products. Also understand how to buy the product and to apply them in the construction process. 


Building Laws are important aspects for any homeowner, and finding them was a pain till now, has been solved by this site. Get a complete listing of building laws in 10 major cities in India. How to abide by them, various precautions you should take before building the home, from where all the approval is required from etc.

If you are book savvy and looking for reading material on the home building and related subjects, Books/Magazine section can extend you the much-required relief. Search for books; get listing of related CDs, videos and bookstores etc.

An interesting channel, which is worth a visit, even if you are not planning to build a house, is Rooms and Sections. Learn the importance of rooms, an introduction about a room, general features it should carry, the long and short of the room. Various things you should remember while making the room. The dos and don'ts for your room, approximate construction costs. It has one very thoughtful section of comparative analysis, which has facts and figures on the economical values for various tangibles that goes in the making of the room. It not only covers the bare minimum tangibles, but also lists various accessories, ranging from high-end value to the low-end value.


Home Design Center is also a channel that calls for attention. Get layouts and visuals for various house plans with the cost involved. You also get a break-up of materials estimate along with every layout plan and a 3D perspective of the plan.

Other channels in the site are; Home Buying Made Easy, which has a very exhaustive information on how to buy a home. Like location of the property, design of the flat/building in terms of functionality and efficiency, aesthetics, cost of property, quality of construction, quality and level of service lines (electrical and plumbing), structural safety, resale value, ratio of built-up area to super built-up area, hidden costs (stamp duty, registration, property tax, maintenance, etc).

Others are Download Wallpapers, EMI Calculator, Dealers and Professionals.

Buying home is one of the most important decision in one's life, make it safe and secure with this site. Nestle the dreams with care!!!