Neoteric to distribute Umax speakers

DQW Bureau
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Umax Technologies, the company specialized in design and distribution of a

full line of imaging and computer pro-ducts, is now launching a range of

mid-range and entry level speakers for both com-puter and consumer electro-nics

(CE) market.

The speakers are being introduced in India and other countries

simultaneously. This is not for the first time Umax is launching speakers. About

four or five years ago Umax had launched computer spea-kers, but did not market

them successfully.

However, the company looks determined about its success this time at least

here in India with Neoteric as its distributor. Neoteric, which has been an

official represen-tative for Umax in India, is confident that the speakers will

sell well in India because of the competitive pricing and excellent product



Currently, it is introducing four models of 2.1 speakers in the market

operating price (MOP) range of Rs 900 to Rs 1,500, and one model of 5.1 speaker

at a MOP of Rs 5,800.

Neoteric is already distribu-ting Philips brand of speakers mainly focused

towards the CE market. "Umax speakers will complete the speaker offering

from Neoteric while catering to the computer market," said Anish Kurup,

Business Mana-ger for Umax products at Neoteric.

"The speakers being laun-ched are designed with wooden casings for

better performance. It looks good and different, it is aggressively priced and

hence it is suitable for the CE market as well," added Anish.


All the speakers are rated with both RMS and PMPO wattage for the better

under-standing of the customers. "We have tried to follow the benchmark of

Philips in packa-ging the products because of the long-time experience that

Philips has," said Anish.

The company will be introducing the entry-level 2.0 model some time in the

next quarter. The reason an entry-level model is not being introduced first is

because of the thin margin vendor and channels earn on these models.

The speakers will be initially sold through Neoteric's Umax star partner

network, and at a later stage it will try and get focused partners to sell these

speakers. There are also plans to sell the speakers through CE channel. When

asked about the possible competition within Neoteric for the two brands ie

Philip and Umax, Anish said, "Both brands are positioned differently to

target a different set of customers. Selling Umax speakers in the CE channel

market may not be the prime focus."

Nelson Johny