Neoteric is Plustek's new national distributor

DQW Bureau
17 Sep 2010
New Update


face="Times New Roman, serif">Plustek,


of imaging and communication products, announces the

appointment of Neoteric Infomatique as its national distributor in

India. The partnership will help Plustek establish and distribute

their range of imaging products in India. Neoteric will drive this

business for Plustek independently using its network of 10,000

partners across the country in close coordination with the Plustek

product team.

style="font-size: 11pt;" size="2">Commenting

on the tie-up,
style="font-size: 11pt;" size="2">Kaushal


VP, Neoteric Infomatique
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said, “In a short span of time, Plustek has established itself as a

very strong player in the imaging space and we see need and

opportunity for scanners in specific verticals. With our reach and

the network of partners across we are looking at taking this

relationship to the next level.”

style="font-size: 11pt;" size="2"> style="font-weight: normal;">Dr

Karen Ku, VP, Plustek
face="Times New Roman, serif">

said, “We are certain that we have found the right partner in

Neoteric to grow the business in India and look forward to working


style="font-size: 11pt;" size="2">As

Neoteric is moving towards value added distribution, Plustek's

world-famous scanners and DMS solutions will surely help them to

achieve their objective. Neoteric further will focus on vertical

markets for the Plustek by engaging SIs and Channel partners in

various projects. The company will also offer end to end support to

the partners and customers on behalf of Plustek. To create awareness

for the brand in the channel and SI community, Neoteric and Plustek

will carry out marketing activities that include sales schemes,

promotions and road shows in upcoming markets, in shop branding and

many other activities. Plustek offers very high quality products in

three categories ie office centre, imaging centre and communication

centre. Under office scanners it is for document scanning, business

card scanning, film scanning and book scanning it covers all vertical

markets. Similarly, Plustek has communication products including

NVRs, integrated MFA server products with DMS solution.