NEC sets up WiMax R&D center in Taiwan

DQW Bureau
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NEC has set-up a WiMax R&D center in Taiwan recently. The center is

designated to be an interoperability test (IOT) center for WiMax systems R&D.

Local Taiwanese IT companies like Tatung, Quanta, Accton, D-Link etc. are very

positive about the benefits this new installation will bring to the domestic

WiMax development and have expressed their support.

As per a NEC statement, at the initial stage, NEC plans to invest NT$20

million into the WiMax research center, which has about five to six employees.

With the enlargement of research facilities at later stages, the research staff

will increase to 20 to 40 people, and the investment sum will also go up higher.

The initial stage mainly involves the interoperability test between local

Taiwanese customer-premises equipments (CPE) suppliers and the NEC WiMax system:

PasoWings. Later on, it will gradually become a WiMax systems R&D center.

Tatung, a local Taiwanese company and NEC had set-up a joint venture company

a few years ago, and are cooperating on the M-Taiwan Project-a project run by

the Taiwanese government to promote the creation of an advanced information

society and encourage the growth of the domestic ICT industry. The National

Communica-tions Commission (NCC) handed out six market licenses for WiMax

services last year, and Tatung has acquired the license to operate a WiMax

network in southern Taiwan. As the main equipment supplier for Tatung, NEC has

obtained from Tatung the rights to set-up WiMax base stations according to the

M-Taiwan Project, making NEC a player in the local WiMax market.

The statement further said that due to the global market demand for faster

broadband networks, WiMax with its stable and fast network capability has become

one of the hottest ICT topics this year. The Taiwanese government places much

importance on WiMax and is therefore constantly seeking cooperative

opportunities with overseas ICT companies to further develop domestic WiMax

technologies and to promote the M-Taiwan Project. The goal is to transform

Taiwan into the leading market place for global WiMax applications and

technological development. In line

with the governments aim, NEC expects that with the establishment of the WiMax

R&D center, it can promote the growth of WiMax customer-premises equipments (CPE)

and uses its experiences learned in Taiwan on the global market.