Narsingapur declared as second Digital village in Telangana

Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) has selected Narsingapur village in Nizamabad district, Telangana State as a second village to make 100% digital literate village after successfully transforming Basar village as the first complete digital village in Telangana.

The aim of Digithon was to make at least one person from each household in a village literate in information technology. The initiative started by performing the digithon household survey in the Narsingapur village. Out of total 274 houses in that village, TITA team has identified 155 digital illiterate households and has chosen one person from each house and invited them to participate in the digital literacy program.

TITA and NDLM team have collaboratively started the digital literacy program on 19th March in Telangana University and have successfully completed the program scheduled for about 20 hours thus making Narsingapur as the second complete digital literacy village.

The digital literates were provided an opportunity to learn basic skills like using a computer, smartphone, accessing emails, social networking sites, navigate the web, and processing basic Internet transactions. They villagers are now able to gain access to vital online resources like bill payment services, booking travel tickets and various e-commerce platforms.

TITA president Sundeep Kumar Makthala said that “All the members of TITA are proud of successfully continuing the digital literacy programs in various villages in the state, and this would not have been successful without people’s participation”. He has requested Universities, Engineering Colleges, Industrialists, IT professionals, NRIs to adopt a village and take active participation in the social economic development initiatives like Digithon.

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