NACIT and MAIT decide to join hands

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In a significant development for the national channel community, the

recently-formed National Association of Channels of Information Technology (NACIT)

and Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology (MAIT) have decided

to come together and work on common issues affecting both the channels as well

as the vendors.

The two associations will now work on resolving matters of common interest

and help channels to work along with vendors. As a first step, NACIT and MAIT

have decided to hold a joint meeting once every quarter, which will act as an

interface between the vendors on one side and the channel community on the


Pointed out an excited Saurin Shah, President, NACIT, "By working

together with MAIT, we could take up issues with vendors directly and resolve it

together. This is one of the first steps NACIT has taken of getting the channels

closer to the vendors. There are a lot of new initiatives being planned as there

are also new members becoming part of the association."


Interestingly, this important development happened far from Delhi–where

MAIT is headquartered–as well as Mumbai–where NACIT is located. The venue

was the annual IT Expo of Surat where both Shah as well as Vinnie Mehta,

Executive Director, MAIT, came together on the same platform provided by the

South Gujarat Information Technologists Association (SITA). Concurrent with the

Surat expo, a meeting of the representatives of the channel associations from

all over Gujarat was held at the Surat Police Station’s conference room.

The meeting was attended by various associations from Ahmedabad, Baroda,

Valsad, Surat etc besides MAIT and NACIT. The channel representatives put

forward the major issues in front of the channel community and urged MAIT and

NACIT to resolve them. And to the delight of all the representatives present

there, MAIT and NACIT resolved to work together for the betterment of the

channel community.

Meanwhile, NACIT now plans to go all out to increase its membership base

which currently stands at 25. According to Shah, an intensive campaign will be

conducted in the coming weeks to get more channels associations–especially

from the north and the east–come under its fold.

The other areas of focus for NACIT will be to interface with the central

government on policy issues, regular dissemination of policy information,

develop ethical code of conduct for the channel community, channel development

through annual national conference, interface with users through workshops and

seminars, weekly/monthly e-newsletters on topical issues of interest to the

industry, publishing of member company’s profile and other requisite details

in the prestigious annual NACIT directory of members with a wide distribution in

India and overseas, workshops and tutorials on new technology and business

management forum in each region, which provides an ideal forum for interactions

for best business practice exchanges.

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