Mysore: Soaring aspirations!

DQW Bureau
28 Mar 2011

style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 0% 0%; -moz-background-clip: border; -moz-background-origin: padding; -moz-background-inline-policy: continuous;">Situated
in the
southern part of the Deccan Plateau, Mysore is the second largest
city in the state of Karnataka. Located at a distance of about 146
kilometers from the happening city of Bengaluru, Mysore has got an
appealing charm, which always enchants people. The district is a
popular tourist destination, which offers several attractions ranging
from the royal splendor of Mysore City to exquisite temples,
pilgrimage centers and scenic spots. Mysore is known in the world for
its exotic sandalwood and rich silks. The word Mysore is derived from
Mahishuru, which means the town of Mahishasura, the demon king who
was believed to have lived there. The city is also well known for the
'Dasara Festival' that takes place during the period of Dasara.

style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 0% 0%; -moz-background-clip: border; -moz-background-origin: padding; -moz-background-inline-policy: continuous;">Since
2003, the
information technology companies have been creating their bases in
Mysore, with the city contributing hugely to Karnataka's IT export.
Infosys has established one of the largest technical training centers
in the city and Wipro has established its Global Service Management
Center (GSMC) at Mysore. The city is a host to several information
technology related companies. As per the dealers' community, the
market has been showing positive signs since the past few months.
According to Dilip Kumar, CEO, Computer Shoppee, “The market has
been good since the past two months and we are doing a fair amount of
business.” While no new trends are visible in the market, brands
such as HP, Compaq and Dell have been doing great in the city.
“Laptop remains the most preferred product in the city, while HP,
Compaq, Dell and Intel are the most preferred brands,” said Kumar.
As claimed by the dealers of the city, the vendors are very cordial
and reasonable in their dealings. “I never faced any problem with
my vendors. I have always maintained a healthy relationship with my
vendors,” said Kumar. Predicting the future, Kumar said that the
market will do an average business in the times to come.
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