“My original vision of having a working environment to share the prosperity is now a reality for me and it has made me as successful as can be.”

DQW Bureau
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An Entrepreneur by heart, Ranjan did his B. Tech. from IIT-Kanpur in 1983. As

Electronics Engineer he joined Philips India in the techno-commercial capacity.

He was interfacing between clients and technicians for this market leader. Later

he moved in Delhi to teach the base staff the new digital technology. A

travelling job, in which he traveled almost all over India, was a memorable span

to start with in the Industry. Later in 1986 he became the first Service Manger

for Apple in Rabacontel (a dealer for Mac). His feat here, which he is proud of,

was setting up the first computer network in India. This network was done in

Ministry of Finance. He still remembers with reverence the drilling of bricks

right in front of VP Singh (then Minister of Finance). But too much of the

officialdom could not keep him attached to his work he wants on for a long trip

to Europe in the end of 1986 for six months. 1987 mid saw Chopra’s come back

to India, all broke, facing the Indian ground realities. He started a one-man

show in a shop located in C.P. and thus, TEAM was born. For first five years,

TEAM provided usual computer services to various companies.

1990 was a year worth mention, as they indigenously learn the way to fix up

HP Laser Printer, the first and the only in the country to do so. 1993 TEAM

became 100 people strong company mart and today boasts of 400 people in the

company, spread all over country in 10 branches.

He plans in the near future to focus on high turnover companies and give the

full range of operating segment, along with a nation-wide support to the


He is satisfied with his growth so far and rates himself as a fairly

successful person, with most of his goals in his achieved category. With shift

competition in blitz, he is looking forward for the year in awe.