Mumbai Police to install 5,000 CCTVs in the city

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The Mumbai Police are undertaking a ambitious project to beef-up city's

security by installing a network of 5,000 closed circuit television (CCTVs)

cameras across important locations in the city.

This security plan is one of the recommendation the Indian Merchants'

Chambers (IMC) had suggested to the Govern­ment of Maharashtra after terror

attacks rocked Mumbai, last year. Vijay Mukhi, Chairman-Homeland Security and

IT, IMC said, "IMC had made several recommendations about security of the city

after the attacks happened last year and setting up a blanket security camera

cover across the city was one of the recommendation to the state government."

Following the recom­mendation, the Chief Minister had formed an eight-member

committee comprising four members from IMC and others from government and police

department, which has been asked to submit an action plan within 15 days time

for blanket security camera cover for Mumbai.


Mumbai Police Commis­sioner D Sivanandan said that 5,000 cameras would be set

up at all important locations in the city and would allow police officials to

monitor all major events in these places from a command center in the control

room at the police commissionerate. Sivanandan had discussed the project with

Mukhi at IMC's base in Mumbai on Wednesday.

The police commi­ssioner informed that the footage from the closed circuit

cameras would be stored and retrieved to aid investigations in a particular

event that wasn't noticed at the time of its occurrence. The project will

involve a private agency that will carry out the installation, mainte­nance and

up-gradation of cameras, while the police depart­ment would control the system.

Source: CIOL