Multiplex to add UPSs to its kitty

Meghla Kathju
New Delhi, Sep 13

Multiplex Corp Pvt Ltd (MCPL), a major distributor based in NOIDA, and the
runner up in the systems integrator category of this year’s annual DQ Week
Awards, will begin distributing NCI branded UPS systems manufactured by a
UP-based company NCI, from next month.

The UPSs, which have been in the market for about two and a half years, were
till now sold through a different channel. According to Rakesh Reddy, VP
(Technical), MCPL, "Though NCI UPSs have been in the market, they were not
being promoted much by the company. With MCPL taking up the distributorship,
they will be marketed aggressively."

Targeted at the home and corporate segment, the UPSs will initially be
available in a rating of 500 VA. At a later stage, UPSs with ratings ranging
from 1 KVA to 3 KVA will also be launched.

According to Reddy, the USP of the UPSs will be their quality and price.
While a number of quality certifications will be carried out during manufacture,
the price will be "competitive and cost effective." Not willing to
quote the exact pricing, he, however, did say that they would be slightly lower
than other UPSs available in the market. "Somewhere between Rs 3,000 and Rs
4,000," was the closest he got to revealing the price.

For the initial three to six months, MCPL will offer an instant replacement
on the UPSs. Thereafter, a warranty period, the duration of which Reddy did not
want to reveal, would be applicable.

From October onwards, when the UPSs will be officially launched, MCPL has set
itself a target of about 100 UPSs a month. "With the good quality of the
UPSs, the competitive price and the excellent service that MCPL is known for, we
can surely achieve this target easily," said Reddy.


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