Multiple Zones launches security and VOIP solutions

DQW Bureau
New Update


Multiple Zones India Pvt Ltd (MZI) has launched a wide

range of security and VOIP solutions. Till now it has been providing a range of

IT services like network audit, annual maintenance contracts, facility

management, high availability services and many more customized IT services to

its customer base.

It was the first one in India to launch the

catalogue-based IT products, ventured into networking and become a leading SI in

north India. In fact, last year it won the DQ Week Best System Intsegrator

award. MZI is the premier partner for brands like Compaq, IBM, HP, and Toshiba.

Being a one stop shop, the company provides to its customer base solutions for

their data and voice networking needs and works closely with brands like Cisco,

3Com, Avaya, D-Link, Allied Telesyn, Panduit, Brocade and other leaders to

provide state-of-the-art networking solutions to its customers.

Said Atul Kapoor, COO, MZI, "Multiple Zones has

very consciously spread itself into business areas that are very centric to our

existing customer base. Like our office supplies business incorporating a robust

e-procurement model and the latest offering being `IndiaTalks', an Internet

telephony card along with the requisite hardware which makes calling out to

overseas destinations extremely competitive with terrific sound clarity."


MZI has also launched a gamut of IP telephony products

for its customers. It has in offering YapJack, which gets attached to the normal

phone line and allows one to dial overseas by connecting to the Internet,

thereby not requiring the cumbersome process of dialing and talking through a

PC. It has also launched an IP telephone, which works with a

high-speed/broadband connection (ie DSL, cable, ISDN). With this `always-on'

connection, one can quickly and easily place low-cost calls.

The company has also launched the Linksys Instant

Broadband EtherFast Cable/DSL and voice router. "It is the perfect solution

for connecting a small group of PCs to a high-speed broadband Internet

connection or a 10/100 ethernet backbone-and it features VOIP telephone calls

powered by Net2Phone," claimed Kapoor. It has also launched multiplexors.

Besides this, for the calling cards it has tied up with Bharati's ISP arm--Mantraonline

to give these calling cards. With various denominations, Kapoor is bullish about

this product.

Manpreet Singh, MD, MZI was resilient about these new

forays. "We started as a catalogue company in India and grew to be an SI.

Now with these fresh offerings, which would be unique in India, we plan to

expand our present function of a traditional SI. The security solutions and

access control devices is the second new offering. It involves comprehensive

security solutions.


I am not talking about burglar alarms or similar

mechanical devices. These solutions would be based on intelligent devices which

would make the security grow beyond the Internet security aspect for an IT


The security solutions and access control devices

include BarCode, Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID), Biometrics

(finger print-based access control devices, both for the desktop level and for

access into restricted or critical areas) and data encryption.

"What is most interesting is that these

technologies ride over or integrate with your existing work areas, be it your

attendance system or its applications which you are currently using. These are

low cost security solutions which have high ROI," added Singh.

He is planning to launch these new products in the

coming quarter and is targeting a revenue generation close to Rs 20 crores from

these solutions. "I know we would be the first one to foray in these

segments and we have a long way to go. We would first have to start educating

the consumer, but I feel that these products would be a success story for


Shweta Khanna