MSI to expand channel base

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In order to anticipate the increase of

its penetration into the B, C and D-class cities, href="">

MSI is helping

its partners in increasing their adherence in the market by bringing

out the latest and most updated technology.

MSI also plans to

extend this service to various cities like Cochin, Chennai,

Bengaluru, Secunderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata through ASP from May

2011. I
nspan has a very strong distribution

network in B, C and D-tier cities. MSI would leverage this strength

to build the channel fraternity. “

helps its partners in increasing their stickiness in the market as we

believe in bringing out the latest and most updated technology for

our partners. Innovation with style has been our motto and we have

strengthened it further to give the best in performance, sound and

vision. We have
recently launched Service 123

for notebooks. 123 stands for 1-hour service, 2-year warranty, 3-days

TAT, only applicable for notebook service. 2 and 3 are well known to

our channel fraternity. But 1- hour service is one of MSI's unique

projects in India to improve service drastically. MSI will ensure

that it can finish off repair work within 1-hour of its receipt of

the notebook. If the service needs major parts to be changed, that

may take the TAT time as per policy. This 1-hour service has been

initiated in Nehru Place through our ASP for G Series. This would be

extended to F series from next month,” said Eric Kuo, GM, MSI


Infact, MSI is

organizing a lot of channel engagement programs to continuously

ensure regular feedback from the dealers. “Their perception about

the brand plays a crucial role in our business growth.

feedback from them, allows us to tap directly into the minds of

customers to improve their products or offerings. lang="en-US">

Understanding the elusive 'why' behind

customer behavior has become imperative, considering the aggressive

competition in the current market scenario,” added Kuo. It seems

that the company is also planning to increase its marketshare by

increasing its existing channel base by bringing world class

technology to India.

“Channel partners are the integral

part of our organizational setup. We have a wonderful set of national

and regional distributors, resellers, retailers and system

integrators. We are happy and contended with our existing set of

loyal partners. However, as part of our channel business model, we

would continuously look at increasing our channel base in India,”

elucidated Kuo. With the domestic market being

flooded by influx of products, MSI is all geared up to meet

competition in the coming months by launching its latest innovative

products. Since, India is an important market for MSI, Kuo specified

that they are continuously working towards making the marketing

strategy more aggressive and effective.