MS unveils new Partner Network

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In keeping with the target of providing a leveraged growth opportunity to the

small and medium enterprises (SME) in India, Microsoft is spreading out a

specific message for them to be more competitive and gain expertise at par with

global players by adopting tools like integrated messaging platform, web

presence, SaaS and business application tools like CRM.

In her first visit to India, Allison L. Watson, Corporate Vice President,

Worldwide Partner group, Microsoft Corporation is excited to build an even

stronger partner community that is equipped to offer the latest Microsoft

technology to the SME customers.

“Of the five things we are messaging out to the SME customers, the first is

that they must have access to integrated messaging platform that provides them

connectivity at all level. Secondly, in order to be more productive, they shall

adopt video teleconferencing to connect across the cities and markets. Thirdly,

they must possess great web presence to get new customers and to get them

identified as a better company. And once they have web presence, they grow in

CRM space where the customers are connected for more sales opportunities and

utilize the latest technology of hosted application through software as a

service module,” defined Watson.


She further said that Microsoft has a big commitment to India, which is the

fastest growing region in the world, and the company visualizes immense

opportunity in the Indian partner community for not only the large players but

also for mid-market companies based here.

Microsoft has expanded its channel consistently. “We have expanded from six

cities to 15 cities and have recently tied up with three new distributors. We

also signed up with 40 new sub-distributors. Microsoft ensures that it has

strong partnership with these distributors who are present in every city of the

country. We have partners for specific markets and have enrolled small partners

for regional level and large partners like Wipro, TATA for bigger accounts,”

added Watson.

Speaking on the training activities for the enablement of the partners,

Watson mentioned that Microsoft has been investing significantly to help grow

the channel partner network so that they can further help in strengthening the

SME customers. “In the channel, we have a sense of commitment for training.

Coming to the training and certification programs, Microsoft has the largest

base of technically certified individuals and each year we are training about

250,000 people who become certified. Our main focus is that channel should

become expert to the customers.

We connect our partner to the Microsoft partner program and we have just

announced the next generation of the program - Microsoft partner network. In

doing so we are targeting to reach out to even larger base of customers and

differentiating the partners for possessing better skills in the most current

technology in every geography. This would enable them to get recognized in the

market place for that investment and to ensure that our customers are ready to

compete globally.”

Besides, Microsoft is also investing in new social networking media in

countries like India. “We have been recognized as the third largest Twitter feed

in the world. We are excited to be connected and help our partners use our

technology to get more business though social networking sites like Facebook. So

the social media and networking components are an important part of Microsoft

corporate vision so that we can enrich our partners in India and get them

connected with the places around the world.”