MS unveils Hindi version of Windows XP

DQW Bureau
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Microsoft has announced the upcoming release of Windows XP Starter Edition (XPSE),

a new version of Windows XP (Windows XP Starter Edition) for emerging markets.

The product will be made available in India early next year. The company also

unveiled the Hindi version of Windows XP Starter Edition, which is a low-cost

and lighter version of Windows aimed at Linux and countering rampant piracy in

the country.

The Starter Edition will come with a Hindi interface, and will include

resources such as help and training in Hindi as well. This makes India one of

the five countries in this star-ter program. The Union Mini-ster for

Communication ad IT Dayanidhi Maran unveiled the product at New Delhi.

Maran urged Microsoft to reduce prices of all its software and, in fact, he

felt that "Micro-soft should give the main XP software free" and

should not reduce the functionality of Windows XP Starter Edition and also

develop networking into the product.


Starting early 2005, Win-dows XP Starter Edition based low-cost desktop PCs

will be made available through OEM partners and distributors across India. Over

the next few months, Microsoft India will work closely with its OEM partners and

the Government of India to decide the finer points of the distribution

mechanism. Specific pricing information too will be made available to

participating PC OEMs and Microsoft Authori-zed OEM distributors in the coming

weeks. Elaborating on the offering, Microsoft Corp India Pvt Ltd MD Rajiv Kaul

said that Windows XP Starter Edi-tion features include localized and tailored

support, localized customization, Preconfigured settings and simplified task


Speaking on the occasion, HCL Infosystems chairman and CEO Ajai Chowdhry

said, "If this government wants a GDP growth of eight percent, IT has to

play a key role. Affordable computing with local language software and high

quality Internet access is very critical for growth and PC penetration, as has

happened in China."

Its Cheap And Its Crippled This edition of Windows XPSE is severely limited:

only three applications can be run at a time. So if a user is running Windows

Messenger and an email program and any anti virus, etc, he can't open a Web

browser...for instance.

When asked about this limitation, Microsoft officials said that according to

the research that they had done this is sufficient for a first time user. But

right now they do not have any solution in the offing if a user wants to

increase the number of apps used on his computer. The officials also added that

the product is still in its testing stage and research is still on with

computers being placed in and if the company feels that the need is there to add

more apps it would do so.