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Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd recently announced a strategy aimed at

supporting the Union Ministry of Communication to bridge the digital divide in


The announcement followed discussions between Dayanidhi Maran, Minister of

Communications and IT and Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect,

Microsoft at Redmond, the IT major's headquarters.

Microsoft will partner with the Ministry of Communications and IT in six

strategic areas including driving PC penetration, accelerating IT literacy,

ensuring affordable access to technology in rural areas, ushering in

e-governance, enabling Local Language Computing and creating a secure IT

environment. Microsoft also announced the launch of a multilingual Windows XP

Starter Edition for India.


"The announcements by Microsoft including the launch of a new

multilingual Windows XP Starter Edition for India, are steps in the right

direction. The various steps announced today address important issues like IT

literacy, taking high-quality, interactive IT education to schools in India,

availability of local language computing solutions and e-governance," said

Maran. "There is an urgent need to enable affordable access to locally

relevant IT applications at a broad level. I believe that through effective

private-government partnerships we can deliver on this objective."

Elaborating on the announcements, Gates said, "We are delighted to be

working with Maran towards our common goal of bridging the digital divide for

people across India. In particular, I'm excited about the promotion of

e-Governance technologies, the expansion of teacher education and broadening our

Windows XP Starter Edition for India offering to better meet the needs of Indian


Key working areas

  • Microsoft to broaden language availability for first time

    PC users.

  • ICT-based education to be extended to all districts in

    India further.

  • Strengthening of Project Bhasha, a program focused on

    providing local interfaces for Windows and Office in 14 Indian languages.

  • Research in Indic language computing technologies to be


  • Microsoft to offer a range of products, services,

    consultancy, training and support to rural entrepreneurs.

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