MPLUN intros new system

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In a major step to bring in transparency in tendering process, the State

owned Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Nigam (MPLUN) is all set to introduce the

system of e-procurement in purchases made by it. IT company Wipro is going to

introduce the e-tendering and e-auction sys-tem in the corporation.

Some rounds of negotiation have already been held bet-ween the officials of

the state government and their counter-parts in Wipro.

By introducing the system, LUN would take a lead in moving a step further to

embrace e-governance because the company has offered to introduce the system for

the entire tendering process of MP government. What is impor-tant is the fact

that while introducing the state-of-the-art system, no financial burden would be

imposed either on the state government or on the corporation.


The company has decided to introduce the system in MP on a no-profit no-loss

basis and is likely to collect the operating cost through the price of tender.

With the implemen-tation of the system the contractor need not visit the office

of the tenderer to buy and submit tenders, as tender purchasing, submission and

evaluation is online.

Ashish Upadhyay, MD, MPLUN said that the system eli-minates hassles of

traditional procurement process, saves time, money and offers better

competition. This brings in professionalism in purchase too, said Upadhyay.

"The manual system follo-wed so far has been an inor-dinately lengthy

one besides being cumbersome. With introduction of the etender-ing system we can

look forward to a much swifter and more efficient tendering system," he

added. Elabora-ting further, he said that the system of e-tendering would be

applied on all 146 res-erved items and also on other 400 items purchased by the


Initially, the system will be applicable to contracts worth above Rs 25 lakh.