Motherboard segment will be the key component in PC building block

DQW Bureau
New Update

Motherboards segment is

getting more feature-rich as the computing power increases, with new

'Sandy Bridge' platform from Intel and Six-Core series from AMD

has further increased the performance ratio of desktops. As per MAIT

2010-11, desktop segment has grown by 18 percent and is expected to

keep the momentum going in 2011-12 also. We cater to local OEM /SI

and channel business and expect to grow by 20 percent in 2011. The

total motherboard segment would be close to three million per year,

and as mentioned above, 90 percent market share would be with Intel,


and Asus put together, while second tier brands may

contribute to about 10-15 percent. Demand is increasing, specially

for hi-end gaming in metros; and for new channel, new customers, FTU

in non-metros. Factors driving the demand for PC components are

definitely the booming Internet base, broadband availability,

government's focus on PC in educations sector, and various

e-governance initiatives by state governments.

We have been in the

fore-front to be the leader with innovations in design and features,

we have been contributing to green computing with our dynamic energy

saver, we have been educating and participating in various DIY

segments with various vendors and OEM to ensure continuous and

organic market development. This market has become an import-driven

industry, and very little focus has been shown on making this market

local and self sufficient in terms of supply chain. Government should

encourage local manufacturing and should ensure that the balance is

tilted in ensuring focus to help vendor's set-up manufacturing

bases in India, to generate long-term benefits for the country.


motherboard segment will definitely be the key component in the PC

building block. With tablet and pads getting popular, the desktop

seems to have found favor once again. Also for our country where

penetration levels for PC are still low, good growth volume can be

expected in the coming years. USB3.0, 2 oz copper PCB energy saving

feature is one of the new technology related features which are being

incorporated in this segment.