Mohapatra's journey from Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 crore

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When he planned to start a business after completing his education he did not

had enough funds with him and his family opposed his decision. But 42-year-old

Aswini Mohapatra soldiered on with determination and has not looked back since.

Beginning as a proprietor of a small company assembling electrical control

panels with an investment of Rs 10,000 in 1983 Mohapatra has grown the company

into the Meltronics Group that today boasts of a turnover of Rs 10 crore.

Recalling his passion for being an entrepreneur Mohapatra said, "My

father, a retired civil engineer wanted me to take up a job like my four other

siblings. My two brothers went ahead and took up a job but I never even applied

for a job. My heart was set, I wanted something of my own."


I got into the business against the wishes of my family. Beginning from the

year 1983 was a period of struggle for me that extended until 1989. I worked

hard and gradually the results began to show. I diversified into hoteling with

Dawat-a family restaurant in the heart of the city. Then I entered into

information technology, electronics and telecom areas. I had registered my firm

as Mahapatra Elec-tronics in 1985. In 1997 I renamed the firm as Meltronix

Services and expanded into the other areas.

The group recorded over Rs 10 crore as turnover in 2003-2004. "We expect

to close FY05 with Rs 12 crore. Today, Mohapatra considers his life full with a

roaring business and a happy domestic life. His wife and two children comprise

his family. He states with pride that his wife inspires him and that this

journey is not his alone but also of the dedicated staff at Meltronix.

Recipient of several regional and national level awards the successful

entrepreneur re-cently bagged the DQ Week Best Channel Partner Award for

Bhubaneswar this year.


Manoj Dash


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