Modular wins award for best Hindi computer package

Pune-based Modular Infotech has been awarded the `Best Hindi Computer Package’
second prize by Ministry of Information Technology (MIT), government of India
fir its Shree-Lipi Suchika Package. MIT gives these awards in recognition to
companies spearheading the movement to spread Indian languages software in the

Suchika is useful in government offices and corporate sectors where the data
is to be maintained in English as well as regional languages. It is useful for
programmers who need online indexing and auto transliteration facilities, from
English to a regional language and vice versa. Users of database packages like
DBASE and FoxPro under Windows face a lot of difficulties in using Indian
languages. These database packages are basically designed for English in which
sorting or indexing is done on characters as they exist in the font. Shree-Lipi
Suchika promises to solve these difficulties.

In Indian languages, sorting is done on the combination of consonants and
vowel signs, in fonts, the consonants and vowels have graphical representation
rather than phonetic representation.

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