Modular's Ankur Office wins CSI award

DQW Bureau
07 Oct 2004

Ankur Office-the office software suite from Modular Infotech was awarded
the Best Shrink Wrapped Software Award by the Computer Society of India. Dr
Mehernosh Cooper, Chair-man and Joint MD, Modular InfoTech said, "Ankur
Office is a user friendly office suite available in 12 Indian langua-ges. The
Ankur series of packa-ges have an installation base of over one lakh users
throughout India and abroad."

The objective of Ankur Off-ice Suite is to automate office documents in
Indian langua-ges, and provide the user the flexibility of maintaining
docu-ments in their native language. Indian language users face difficulty while
sorting data, filtering, finding and replacing text, database maintainance is
given in English. Their working is made more comfortable with Ankur Office.

The user interface screens, menus, messages, hints, helps are in the local
language as well as in English. The languages available apart from English and
Hindi are are Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi,
Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil or Telugu. It has applications like Word Processor,
Spreadsheet, Prese-ntation, e-mail client, address book, web browser, spell
checker for Indian languages, database management, office language dictionary,
personal organizer, chart drawing tool, media player, Indian language typing
facility in other applications.

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