Modi Peripherals to expand further in Mumbai

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After having started two   

offices at Lamington Road and Andheri focusing on trading and

corporate-the company is now looking for starting its retail operations in


With an aim

to firmly entrench itself in the Mumbai region-Delhi based Modi Peripherals

has opened its second office in the city of Mumbai. Based at Andheri — this

second office of Modi Peripherals is going to be the corporate office for the

com-pany's Mumbai operations.

“We already had an office

at Lamington Road-that is focusing towards trading - so this second office at

Andheri would give us more reach as far as strengthening of our Mumbai

operations are con-cerned. This office would be manned by four people and we

will continue our focus to-wards HP. Atul Modi who is already based in Mumbai is

heading our Mumbai operat-ions,” informed, JP Modi, CEO at Modi Peripherals.

JP Modi, CEO, Modi


Modi's decision to open its

second office in Mumbai is fanned by the progress of the market in this region.

The company is already having more than 150 resellers in the Mumbai region.

“The market has performed very well in this region and that is primarily the

reason to open our second offi-ce over here. Moreover, we bel-ieve that there is

a lot of poten-tial in this region,” he added.

The company's future plans

include moving towards retail for its Mumbai operations. “We are looking for a

place to start our retail operations in Mumbai. This would be finali-zed soon as

well,” Modi added.


Having started its opera-tions way back in 1985 - Delhi's Nehru Place based

Modi Peripherals is considered by many as one of the pillars of the channel

community in this region. The company's expan-sion to places like Mumbai are

seen as a positive way to sign the year 2005 off and ring in new melodies to the

coming year 2006.