Mobycy Cyclothon

Mobycy to host a cyclothon in Gurgaon

Mobycy is gearing up for the upcoming World Bicycle Day. The Green Tech start-up will be hosting Mobycy Cyclothon on 2nd June 2018 with, to connect with fellow enthusiasts and celebrate the very phenomenon of cycling. Sarika Panda from WRI India and Manas Fuloria, CEO of Nagarro, will be gracing the event with their presence at Mobycy Cyclothon.

Driven with the vision of turning India into a healthier, fitter, cycling nation, Mobycy Cyclothon is an open-for-all event. The fun gathering will be harboured around Huda City Centre to Leisure Valley and back, a stretch of 5 KMs. The cycling bonanza will commence at 6 AM, continuing till 8 AM. The 3-hours long pomp and show will not only witness cycling activity; It also arranged for some cool contests, freebies and refreshments for the participants.

Commenting on Cyclothon, Akash Gupta, Co-Founder of Mobycy said, “We are super thrilled to be hosting Mobycy Cyclothon. Being India & NCR’s 1 st Smart Bike Sharing company, it’s our duty to make people start loving cycling. This Cyclothon is our 1 st small step towards it. This is going to be a great platform for cyclists and fitness enthusiasts to mingle amongst themselves and together celebrate an organic way to stay healthy and fit–cycling. We urge the cycling community to gather around in huge numbers, bring their friends and family around to usher into a new, healthier, eco-friendly way of commuting and staying fit. We’ve already got some 200+ registrations on our Facebook page and people are excited to participate in big numbers. We have arranged for some really exciting prizes and free goodies and the community can further interact and network over some refreshments. Given the young India’s passion to try something new and stay fit, we are looking forward to an affirmative response.”

The bicycles for the cyclothon will be provided by Mobycy and hence, it is important for participants to download the app on their smartphone. Mobycy further urges the participants to not litter the route/ park and carry their cameras to capture the fun.

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