Mobile is an Evil

DQW Bureau
28 Nov 2008

Sophistication matched with elegance, that is how I would describe Koel Purie,
the petite actress who began her film career with the offbeat movie 'Everybody
Says I'm Fine' and then finally graduated to the hard-hitting 'Nazar'. Till date
she has experimented with a variety of roles, and recently she won accolades for
her performance in the blockbuster 'Rock On'. These days you can also catch her
TV show, 'On the Couch with Koel'. A chat with this gal about her gadget
obsessions, movies and more.

You have done a variety of roles, and have been appreciated more for offbeat
movies. But what kind of roles do you personally prefer?

KP: I look for roles which excite me as an actor, commercial or offbeat doesn't
matter. I love acting, it's my passion, and I don't do acting for the sake of
anything else, I just enjoying doing films and living life to the fullest.

QYou are also hosting chat shows, what's more interesting films or chat

KP: Can't really decide; I love both. I love connecting with people and I
think movies and chat shows both are the best mediums to communicate with

How do you connect with friends and family with such packed schedules?

KP: I text primarily and use my phone to get connected. It sounds strange
but actually I love writing letters rather than e-mails. My pen, paper and
postal system are the most essential gadgets for me. I love making new friends
and still believe in the traditional way of writing letters to them. Though I
often use Internet too, but you won't find me on any social networking sites. It
might sound as if I am averse to technology, but no, I am not. I do use basic
techno tools like a Pentax digicam, Minolta professional camera, iPod, Sony Vaio
laptop, Mac, and a Nokia mobile phone. And I adore my iPod; it's a genius
gadget. I also hate my mobile phone—but it is a necessary evil in

You have also edited few documentaries, so which software did you use?

KP: Well, I use a MacBook Pro, and edit on Final Cut Pro (FCP) software.

We heard that you keep on switching to new mobiles and have also used the
latest iPhone. How was your experience with it?

KP: I was very excited about the Apple iPhone, especially with its
user-friendly interface. It does have all the features, is slick, but I am not
crazy about it yet. Rather I am disappointed by it.

It's bulkier than I would have liked and its touch pad in the Indian environment
is prone to hang. And if you lose your phone often (like I do) you lose a lot
more than just a phone and that's irritating.

Interesting. What would you change about the iPhone?

KP: I would make it slimmer and slicker. And, of course would love to give
it a better shape.

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