‘Mission ProsperITy’ kicks off on a positive note

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South Gujarat channel partners launched its new mission called ‘Mission

ProsperITy’ on March 1 mainly to improve the channel business across this


The results are already visible in a city like Surat, where the program was

initiated. "Trade members have started levying the charges which has had

positive and negative effects. Many of them have also lost business, as

customers are still not aware. Therefore now, there have been advertise-ments

released in local news-papers to make the customers aware."

In fact, members from SITA, the main initiators behind this mission are

personally meeting channel partners in Surat and also outside in cities like

Ankle-shwar, Valsad etc in South Gujarat.


are some of the agendas to be followed by channel partner across South

Gujarat after the March 1 meeting

Business when there is no business
a. Promoting

corporate/institutions to buy from local vendors
b. Promotion of

front-enders by principal companies
c. Market survey by

professional agencies
d. Finance options for

e. Business utility


Increasing profit margins
a PC: Margin on one

computer should be atleast 10 percent or Rs 2,000, whichever is

b. Peripherals:
i. Internal device:

Atleast 10 percent or Rs 300 whichever is higher
ii. External device:

Atleast 10 percent or Rs 500 whichever is higher
c. Credit: No credit

shall be given to end-users
d. Delivery: Delivery

charges are to be borne by customer at actual
e. Service and support


It is resolved to charge Rs 150 for the software support irrespective of

the warranty of the PC
Virus: It

is resolved to charge Rs 300 for removal of virus from the machine

irrespective of the warranty

Nancy Sudheer