MiNET to launch net services

DQW Bureau
05 Nov 2000
New Update

DQW News Bureau

Chennai, 4 Nov


A wholly owned subsidiary of Modi Entertainment Network Ltd, Men Interactive Network Ltd (MiNET) announced that it is all set to launch its Internet services in from


"The strategic move into Broadband Technology is to reaffirm Modi Group's commitment to Information technology and Entertainment. The move is well-timed move as the broadband revolution is about the unleash itself on a band-width-starved nation. Today people want to be connected at the fastest possible speed with interactive applications. Businesses want to globalize and at the same time reduce their sales cycle and decision making processes, at an affordable price. MiNET will provide a complete range of interactive Internet Service Solution as a content driven ISP," said KK Modi, Chairman of the Modi Group. 

MiNET has acquire a Class 'A' ISP license from DOT to provide Broadband Internet access via cable in India. The services will be provided under the brand name of to the three targeted segments--home, SOHO and corporates. Besides providing the basic services of browsing, e-mail, chat and File Transfer Protocol (FTP), specialized ASP Services like video on demand, gaming, software licensing, remote data recovery etc will be offered by MiNET to cable subscribers. Even value added services such as server collocation, web hosting, data storage and intricacy and intercity Virtual Private Networks (VPN) will be provided to corporate and SOHO customers.


Ajit Pradhan, CEO, MiNET while applauding the benefits of broadband technology expressed that convergence is fast becoming a reality and consumers are flooded with all kinds of new services. With the advent of MiNET in the emerging technologies, benefits and new opportunities abound. Internet users can now hope for Internet access backed by better connectivity, bandwidth and host of value-added services.

Further elaborating on MiNET's distribution strategy he explained that the focus is on the top cities of India through a well-orchestrated promotion to cable operators. MEN's established network having strong connections with over 40,000 cable operators puts MiNET far ahead of its potential competition.

MiNET is committed to extend its reach in more than 40 cities by Q4 2002 setting up NOC's and POP's. The first NOC will be in Service from Pune in the Middle of November followed by Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore and the surroundings cities.