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MiGadgets Launches Innovative cable management solution

Bring out the candy for some fun with this latest launch from MiGadgets. Cable Candy, an innovative cable management solution in a riot of colour and styles, is now available in India for the first time.

The cable solution offers consumers a tangle-free experience that scores highly in comfort, ease of use, and aesthetics. MiGadgets, a connected technology company for the automotive, consumer and enterprise markets has partnered with Cable Candy, a brand of MLINE AG, Austria, for its exclusive distributor in India.

These colourful, ergonomically-designed products in delicious candy shades perk up the many monotone tech products around us. Cable Candy’s robust design combines the use of optimum high-quality materials and 3M silicon adhesive with chic but fun European aesthetics.

Cable Candy helps tidy all cables from medium to large size. These multipurpose cable management solutions are great for clipping charger wires, USB cables and any other wire.

With its strength and durability, Cable Candy guides and manages cables wherever you need thereby leaving the surface clean and visible. One can choose from 24 different items in various colours to match assorted surfaces.

Anil Dewan, Managing Director of MiGadgets, said at the launch of Cable Candy, “As electronic devices in our everyday lives increase, so do cables. Cable clutter is a massive problem which has not been addressed so far. Our new product line closes the gap between customer needs and the cable management market in India. I am sure our customers will love this dynamic brand and product line.”

Currently available on Amazon, Snapdeal and major mobile and automotive accessories stores all over India at a retail price of Rs 499.

Key features

  • Tidy up your cables for easy access
  • Easy to use, convenient and colourful
  • Simply snap to keep your cables untangled and organized
  • No more untangling knots
  • No more messy cables
  • No more cables lost in the dark unknown behind your desk

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