MicroUniv to get into online training

MicroUniv, an IT training company and part of the Bangalore-based Microland Group, is working on building a major eLearning institution which is to be launched by mid-2001. The new online project would offer courses in the area of Internet security, data management, data structure and select tools, besides some soft-skill courses. “To begin with, we would offer two major programs, one for the beginners in IT and the other for those who wish to upgrade their career in IT, on the Internet,” said Naresh Bala, President, MicroUniv. Presently, the company is offering IT courses in the traditional method across India.

This week, MicroUniv inaugurated three new educational centers in the city, through franchisee, for offering its MCIP (MicroUniv Certified Internet Professional) program. It also offers Microsoft, Lotus and Cisco certified programs for the corporate clients. “Within a couple of months, MicroUniv would be spun-off as a separate entity to attract huge investments and bring more focus into the business,” saidBala.

“The company has already invested $ 2 million in this new project and further investment, more than $ 4 million, will be pumped in for developing course material, content acquisition, infrastructure and building eLearning network etc,” he said. MicroUniv plans to open 200 support centers, across the country, in the next three years, for its eLearning program project.

MicroUniv is in the process of developing two course packages, a 700-hour pack for software professionals to upgrade their skill sets and 150-hour program for the job seekers in IT field. “Unlike other educational portals and Net varsities, we offer in-depth programs which are rich in content and value, and provide continued support and guidance to the course takers,” he stated. The company is constituting a panel of external consultants who are prominent in the education field, to support in curriculum development and course deliverance.

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