Microsoft & Punjab partners to fight software piracy

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Software major href="">Microsoft

has left no stone unturned when it came to countering counterfeit

software products, and now the company is actively engaging resellers

to counter piracy through extensive educational initiatives. The

software giant is currently offering education and awareness programs

to partners and customers through its 'Geo Expansion' drive in more

than 75 cities across the country.

As a part of its ongoing

initiative, Microsoft has conducted DTPP (Dealer Testing Purchase

Program) in Punjab to check, whether the resellers or dealers have

installed pirated software. The company sent notices to close to 15

partners in Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Bathinda and Chandigarh

recently, asking them to pay hefty fine and sign an agreement in

which they have to adhere that they will not be involved in further

activities of installing pirated software.

Preetinder Singh who owns

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Ludhiana said that, they have spoken to Microsoft and

showed bills, and most of their purchases included OEM packs. Sandeep

Gupta of Amritsar-based My Infotech said that, consumers are getting

software over the Internet, and Microsoft should actively engage in

educational initiatives and propagate legal benefits of genuine

software. "They (MS) said that someone from within the company

would come, but nothing happened as of yet. We are helpless. There is

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partners in Punjab agreed to help Microsoft in fighting software



Speaking to The DQ

, Anil Varghese, director-original software initiative,

Microsoft India said that, when it comes to dealing with defaulting

partners or resellers, their approach is to get into a dialogue with

them and educate them on the pitfalls and risks of piracy. "Education

and engagement remains our first priority and we undertake various

activities in this regard. The route of enforcement is always open to

us as IP owners, but we exercise that option only when all our

efforts to exchange a dialogue and engagement around support to

genuine software fails, and to provide a level playing field to

honest resellers who are making all efforts to do only genuine

business," he said.

Microsoft said that, their

objective behind enforcement is to make the reseller community

realize the legal risks associated with indulging in software piracy

and why is it beneficial for them to go only for genuine. "The

partner and reseller community plays an extremely important role in

ensuring the sale of original software, as they are a link between

software vendors and end-consumers and have a significant role in

keeping a continuous check to prevent hard-disk loading of pirated MS

software across the country," Varghese said.

Microsoft has also

undertaken various long-term, sustained initiatives to create

awareness among the reseller community through incentive programs,

events and monthly newsletters. Varghese informed that, they are

working with various channel associations against the menace of

piracy, and are dedicated to create a clean, safe and healthy

channel-reseller ecosystem.