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Microsoft Partner Association elects new board; Suresh Ramani gets charge as President

The Microsoft Partner Association, International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) has recently elected a new Board for FY 2018. The new Board Members are as follow.

Suresh Ramani – President

Chetan Shah – Vice President

Sarika Malhotra – Vice President

Neeraj Gargi – Joint Secretary

Rahul Meher –Joint Secretary

Nazmeen Ansari – Treasurer

IAMCP is a Worldwide Association of Microsoft Partners whose focus is to enable Partners with Microsoft Technologies and facilitate Collaboration between Partners.

While outlining the priorities of the Board for FY 18, Suresh Ramani, President, IAMCP India West, mentioned that Digital Transformation is a USD 4.5 Trillion Opportunity. Microsoft provides the Platforms which enable Digital Transformation and using these Platforms, Partners can deliver compelling Solutions to their Customers. In order to survive and thrive in this new World of Digital Transformation, Legacy Microsoft Partners would need to evolve fast. IAMCP will enable these Partners to learn new Practices so that they can thrive in this Brave New World.

Also there are many New Age Partners who have very recently aligned with Microsoft. These are Born In Cloud (BIC) Partners, Digital Service Providers, ISVs among others. IAMCP would help these Partners navigate the Microsoft Eco System which by any account is very complex and huge.

Another Priority area for IAMCP would be to grow the newly launched Community – Women In Technology (WIT). The aim of WIT would be to be the largest Community of Women in Technology in India. This initiative is lead by Nazmeen Ansari.

In terms of Member readiness, IAMCP will focus on 4 Broad areas: Modern Workplace; Business Applications; Apps and Infrastructure; Big Data & AI

The India West Chapter is very active in Mumbai and Pune. To ensure momentum, Chetan Shah will drive the activities in Mumbai region and Neeraj Gargi will support him. Similarly, Sarika Malhotra will drive the activities in Pune region and Rahul Meher will support her. Having Strong Leadership driving Mumbai and Pune will enable Suresh Ramani to grow IAMCP in other regions.

Suresh Ramani remarked “We are entering a very exciting phase in the Technology Industry. Almost every Business will get transformed into Digital Business. With right kind of guidance, Partners can thrive especially since Microsoft Platforms are absolutely compelling. And IAMCP will guide Partners to success in this World of Digital Transformation. I call upon all Partners both legacy and new, to come and be a part of IAMCP. Let’s Do It Together”.

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