Microsoft Navision–An enterprise business solution for retail segment

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Navision India, a Microsoft Business Solutions distributor, has partnered

with GoPro, a software house of Europe, to provide one-stop solution for

retailers. Based on Microsoft Navision Attain, ‘GoPro Retail’ is a complete

management tool that meets all the fundamental needs of the retail business.

The product will offer complete solutions for the retailer in hospitality,

food and specialist retail segments like art galleries, garden center, fashion

stores, book stores, theme parks, jewelers, museums, discount stores, cash and

carry super markets, hyper markets, pubs and restaurants.

‘GoPro Retail’ includes the following modules: Retail Back Office,

PlusPOS — (Point of Service) application, GoPro Transaction server, GoPro Data

Director and Handheld terminal application — handPoint for GoPro Retail.


The solution offers powerful functionality and full flexibility for

customization according to the type of business in the retail segment. The

merchandising functionality in GoPro retail enables the retailer to understand

the customer in regard to how does the product sell, when and in what stores,

how is the customer flow during the day, which POS material are the most

frequently used and which areas and shelves create the most turnover in the

store. The company can have one integrated software to have an accurate and

detailed overview of the important business areas of the organization.

Thus, the store manager will know which items are most popular, whether the

sales discount offers are showing proper results, which store is selling the

most and how the staff is performing. By examining peak hours and load on

specific POS terminal one can plan when the store needs more POS terminal open

and schedule work shifts accordingly.

The solution is designed to work equally well in a single as well as a

multi-store environment. The retailer can have the same solution throughout the

business, from POS to back office on to the head office.


“Retailing today in India is characterized by heavy competition and

decreasing profit margins which forces the managers to focus on two major

issues: How to get more customers into the store and maximizing the revenue per

customer. Navision Microsoft Business Solution offers flexibility to grow as the

chain expands or the number of the different types of product stocked in the

store increases,” said Yash Nagpal, MD, Navision India.

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