Microsoft intros Windows Server 2003 R2

DQW Bureau
16 Feb 2006

According to the company, during July—June 2005 sales of Windows
Server grew faster than the market itself

Corpora­tion India Pvt Ltd announced recen­tly the availability of Windows
Server 2003 R2 (Release 2). Aimed at small and large organizations, Windows
Server 2003 R2 delivers new capabilities and value for customers. The product
delivers simplified branch server management, improves identity and access
management, reduced storage management costs, provides a rich web platform and
cost effective server virtualization. At the event, Microsoft also showcased a
range of its infrastructure server offerings including Windows Storage Server,
Compute Cluster Server 2003 beta 2and Virtual Server 2005 Release 2.

At the event, Microsoft also
said that in the period July—June 2005 over 2004, sales of Windows Server have
grown faster than the market itself. As per IDC, the server hardware market grew
by approximately 38 percent year-on-year, while the Microsoft Windows Server
units have grown by 45 percent during the same period.

Discussing Microsoft's
Infrastructure Server offe­rings, Amit Kumar, Senior Product Manger-Windows
Server, Microsoft India said, “For IT investments to be successful and provide
stra­tegic value in the long term, making the right investments in the
infrastructure is critical as this forms the foundation for the future. Our
range of infrastructure offerings will provide Indian enterprises with a robust,
secure, scalable and reliable platform for their enterprise applications and

“With its enhanced func­tionality
and features, Win­dows Server 2003 Release 2 can be the IT backbone for
companies planning geogra­phic expansion now or in the future,” he added.

Microsoft also announced the
availability of ISA Server 2004 Service Pack 2, which includes specific enhance­ments
for branch office security and management. ISA Server 2004 SP2 inte­grates with
Windows Server 2003 R2 to provide advanced policy-based protection for branch
office servers and clients.

In addition, Microsoft
released its Branch Office Infrastructure Solution (BOIS) update, which includes
more concise instruction as well as an updated architecture planning model, new
downl­oadable templates that can be modified to suit the realities of any
environ­ment and reflects im­prove­ments made in Windows Server 2003 R2 and
other product improvements, such as ISA Server 2004 SP2.

Elaborating on the offe­ring,
Kumar said, “Branch offices represent a big mana­gement challenge, as well as
an efficiency and security challenge in moving informa­tion around between the
branches. Windows Server 2003 R2 includes new techno­logies distributed file
system and Remote Dif­ferential Compression (RDC), which provide a highly
available and centralized management experience for branch office data and
really improves the efficiency and speed of replicating data — up to a
90-percent decrease in network utilization for replicating data around the
network between branches.”

From a storage pers­pective,
Windows Server 2003 R2 enables storage partners to further enhance integration
and compatibility efforts through the Simple SAN program with new features such
as Storage Manager for SANs (SMS) and File Server Resource Manager (FSRM).

Customers will now be able to
purchase Windows Server 2003 R2 pre-installed on hardware through companies such
as HP, HCL, IBM, Dell and Wipro.

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