Microsoft clears myths regarding Office 365 in Nashik Tech Caravan event

Clearing myths and misconception regarding Cloud and Office 365, Microsoft asked the IT partners to convince their potential customers to buy its product on the platform of Tech Caravan event in Nashik.

The Tech caravan event, a unique initiative of DQ Week which brings vendors and channel partners together was organized in Nashik in association with Microsoft on 10 September. The event was a grand success in Maharashtra’s fourth fasted developing city which is also a potential market for IT business. Around 70 participants participated in the event.

Clearing misconceptions regarding Office 365, Mr. Ankur Surana, FEM, Microsoft said, “Office 365 is a Cloud based hybrid solution. It is based on Capex cost model which works online as well as offline.”

Talking about necessity of Office 365 for growing businesses, Mr. Surana said that Office 365 is not a product but a package that solves difficulties and challenges faced by midsize enterprises.

He said that all the data is secured and encrypted in Cloud. With installation of Office 365, customers get 50 GB mailbox and mail size of mail is 25 MB. Office 365 is available on mobile as well. He appealed Nashik IT Partners to talk to their potential customers regarding Cloud and Office 365 on higher priority basis.

On a quarry raised by one of the partners that how Office 365 is profitable for the Channel, Mr. Surana said “Office 365 is a solution for all the needs of customers, It has prominent components like Link Online that enables to do online conferences with 250 people at a time. It’s Share Point is a collaboration platform where one can create an external websites.”

“To use all these features end customers will need help of partners. They will get money during servicing. Therefore, partners will not just remain box sellers but become consultant to their customers”, he said.

“When partners bill the product online they get 11 per cent discount and there is 4 per cent discount on renewal. The company is currently running 8 per cent cash back offer on the sale of Office 365. Therefore, partners can earn better margin”, he added.

There were a quite a few queries raised by the partners which were aptly addressed by representatives of Microsoft during networking over dinner.



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