microSD card takes memory market by storm

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cards have evolved from the early MMC and SD cards to the second-generation

miniSD and RS-MMC specifications, grow-ing smaller, lighter and thinner while

providing ever increasing storage and flexibility for digital products. The

third-generation microSD cards have taken this evolution to the next step:

nearly the size of a fingernail (15mm x 11mm x 1mm), microSD cards are now the

world's smallest memory card products.

In 2005, the SD association announced the microSD specification, the

newest member of the SD family. microSD is 100 percent compatible with the

earlier T-flash format, and due to its extremely small size, microSD has gained

popularity among mobile phone makers seeking a smaller storage
medium. Kingmax is one of the world's only memory manufacturers that

possess IC packaging facilities, and Kingmax is also the world's leading

manufac-turer of PIP packaged memory products. When used with very small surface

area mem-ory cards, PIP packaging pro-vides incomparable perform-ance and value.

In addition to water and dust resistance (as well as heat and pressure

resistance), microSD's main advantage lies in its tiny size. At the same time,

the PIP packaging technology enables Kingmax to apply its distinc-tive red

color, which allows consumers to know at first glance their products are genuine

Kingmax memory products.

Higher capacity cards such as the 512MB microSD cards are produced by

stacking two 70-nanometer 256MB flash chips. Circuit paths are already quite

complicated in such a small area, and stacking two ICs makes the process even

more complicated. Therefore, memory makers lacking IC packaging technology face

many difficulties producing this type of memory card, and it is precisely this

technology that makes Kingmax one of the world's only companies who can

provide a stable supply. With its patented PIP packaging technology and

outstanding quality and compatibility, it is no wonder that Kingmax products are

the most widely respected by electronics manufacturers and consumers alike.

Many of the world's major mobile phone manufacturers have

taken notice of the Kingmax microSD cards and Kingmax has already begun

receiving large orders and forming partnerships to supply microSD cards to

mobile phone companies around the world. Through these partnerships, Kingmax

will bring an all-new mobile multimedia experience to consumers the world over.