Microcom Computers drop IT business due to online emergence

Chandigarh based Microcom Computers, one of the prominent dealers for Dell and Samsung from past 6-7 years wrapped up all 3 showrooms from the field of IT market. Microcom had wrapped up their first showroom in 2013, second in 2014 and they finally wrapped up their last showroom in the month of October 2015. According to the owner, market has dropped up to 20-25% so one of the major reasons for jump off the partners from IT industry is continuously decline in the market due to unethical business practices of e-tailers. Result is IT partners are bound to quit their businesses and wrapping up their showrooms.

Sanjay Sharma, director, Microcom Computers said, “We all were dreaming that after formation of new government, they will take steps against unethical business practices of e-tailers. Also, channel community had kept their views in front of government but our pain is overlooked. It’s not about my self, but lot of channel partners are bound to jump off their businesses from IT market.”

Also, the reason for quitting IT market is rise in standard of living & expenditure, market rate. Where market in IT is declining due to online business, there are partners who are facing problem in rent rate, living cost and employee appraisals.

“We had 24 employees in our organization and after our decision of shutting off our business, 24 families are effecting with it. No matter business is going in profit or loss, but we have to pay running cost and employee salary and their appraisals.” Sanjay Sharma added.

It has been seen that not any solid reaction or steps had taken by government against unethical business but somewhere it is killing the IT channels market.


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