Merlin to roll out PCs, laptops and UPS

DQW Bureau
New Update


Raipur-based Merlin Multitech Pvt Ltd, which has been winning The DQ Week

Best Channel Partner award for the last two years continuously, will soft-launch

its own brand of PCs, laptops and UPS. The full rollout of the products will

take place in December, 2005.

The company will start by focussing on three states-Madhya Pradesh,

Chattisgarh and parts of Maharashtra. It will leverage on its company's recall

in these pockets through a network of 200 partners. One master reseller will be

appointed in each district to avoid any channel conflict and help partners earn

a healthy margin.

Merlin will ensure that partners selling laptops and PCs get margins of 10

and seven percent respectively. The company is targeting areas where assembled

products still have the heavier hand. By giving products at a price which is

equivalent to an assembled machine, it is confident of converting these buyers

into its customers.


"In the C-class cities, customers want a well-known brand rather an

assembled one, any day," said Chetan Vithalani, Director, Merlin Multitech.

Service for the products will be given by the partners, though replacement

issues can be routed to Merlin. This will make the service turnaround time

lengthy and the company is working on changing this. "We can't keep

buffer stock at all partners as it will not be economical," he explained.

Vinita Bhatia