Mentorpreneur Advisors launches website

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Newly-founded Mentorpreneur Advisors laun­ched its business website A brainchild

of Sanjiv Bhavnani, Mentorpreneur is an organization that leverages Indian

entre­preneurial talent and businesses that focus Indian consumers and is a

novel concept that amply demonstrates the visionary abilities of its founder and

Chief Mentor at identifying a need and attempting to fulfill it.

Mentorpreneur brings together experienced professionals with diverse

expertise to mentor young and growing ventures to find their rightful place in

global business, often by taking on significant accounta­bility for inherent

risks and the outcome of such ventures. Though Mentorpreneur does provide its

services at a charge to large corporates, however, it is comfortable buying into

equity of start-up and small and mid-sized ventures wherein it believes

successful businesses ideas could be nurtured.

“Mentorpreneur helps you leverage the experience, expertise, capital,

commer­cial skills and network of its highly acclaimed professional resources to

guide your business in scaling up itself to levels that get it recognition &

growth, thereby creating a mutual gain for stake­holders of both. A company may

not be viable to hire and retain the best of professionals in every field

without adequate work content or incurring a substantial cost. Under such

circumstances, if the services of such seasoned professionals could be made

available on demand and utilized on a need basis to mentor organizations in

identi­fying and implementing their opportunities in a compe­titive global

economy, wouldn't that be a perfect solution?” said Bhavnani, CEO and MD of

New-Delhi based public company Visesh Infotecnics.