Memory market in India seems to be bright

DQW Bureau
08 Feb 2011

From October 2010 onwards, DDR2 and
DDR3 prices have seen a drastic fall. Now, we can expect the DDR2 and
DDR3 price to be at its all time low. The decline is narrowed to five
percent to six percent from 10 percent in previous term. And PC-OEMs
will initiate stocking inventory level at the end of first quarter of
2011 and early second quarter 2011, which is likely to result in the
rebounding more than 15 percent DRAM price.

For the overall market, due to the new
demand in NAND Flash, such as SSD, and the DRAM price drop issue, the
growth rate of DRAM market compared with 2009 and 2010 is
un-apparent. However, there are anticipations of DRAM prices going up
in Q2 of 2011, so we expect that the demand of DRAM will take off.

The total market size for PC component
was 50,00,00 pieces per month in 2010, and the volume is expected to
grow further. With the GDP in India expanding to 8.90 percent in the
third quarter of 2010 over the previous quarter, the bright future of
the memory market in India can be clearly seen. Brand awareness is
the traction for users, but it depends on how reliable the brand is.
Transcend provide lifetime warranty for RAM and memory card and
Transcend Care (service center) is to ensure that all users
experience a hassle-free services for all Transcend products.

With the growth in GDP in India, the
end-user will have more purchase power and more demands on new
computers. With the New CPU platform requirements, people would like
to upgrade from DDR1, DDR2 to DDR3.

provides a complete product
line for RAM, memory card, SSD, HDD, and digital music player.
Customers can purchase all that they need from just one shop. And we
also provide the newest products at an affordable price, such as USD
3.0 HDD and 64GB SDXD products.

In Indian market, parallel import is a
serious issue. It makes difficult to maintain reasonable market
prices and it also increases cost in providing after sales service in
India. Transcend puts strong focus on every direct customer, who
helps us penetrate the local market. By cooperating with these local
customers we are able to provide better services to the end

With the launch of new Intel and AMD
platforms, DDR3, DDR3 will be the mainstream product in the coming
year. As the tablet PC is getting public worldwide, NAND Flash
products will be the star in the future. The products include SSD,
mSATA, iSSD. The new Transcend product, small footprint SSDs are
designed especially for applications where a small form factor is
desired such as thin and light notebooks, netbooks, tablets, GPS, and
mobile internet devices (MID).

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