Meaningless comparisons

DQW Bureau
New Update


It has become a big fad to compare India with China in every sphere and

field. On each and every count, all sorts of comparisons are made. In fact, we

Indian have become Chinese obsessed. But is this obsession justified? Absolutely

not. Totally out of question, especially when the comparisons are made about the

IT industry.

Consider this: the Chinese IT industry’s output will be $ 289 billion this

year, which is the third highest in the world. And what is the Indian IT

industry’s output going to be this year? Less than 10 percent of China.

The figure of $ 289 billion puts Chinese IT industry in the third spot

worldwide. And if you think that’s astonishing, consider this: By the year

2010–which is seven years from now–the $ 289 billion figure is expected to

treble and that would take China to the number one spot.


Now, that’s really awe inspiring. But what and how is China doing to make

itself the numero-uno in the world? First and foremost is the fact that a lot of

stress has been given to the advancement of domestic firms. In fact, besides a

strong output, China is also emerging as a leader in technology thanks to the

growth of these very domestic firms. In comparison, Indian domestic firms

engaged in hardware are just about able to keep their head above water. And, you

can count the number of these firms on the fingers of your left hand.

Besides, the Chinese IT ministry is planning to spend around $ 200 million

annually to help domestic firms develop their own technologies. In addition, it

plans to launch a software platform so that domestic firms can share their

technology. The focus is clearly on digital televisions, integrated circuit

manufacturing and 3G telecom application.

And what does the Indian IT ministry do to help the domestic firms? Precisely

nothing. In fact, you have a situation where the Indian IT minister doesn’t

even meet the domestic industry officials. Considering that, there is no way

Indian IT industry can even dream of comparing itself with the Chinese IT


Unarguably, the need of the hour for India is to pull up its socks and give

the hardware industry its due focus. Because, without a strong domestic

industry, there is no way India can even hope to cross the 10 percent mark. In

fact, the gulf will widen further in the coming years.