McAfee appoints Inflow as distributor

DQW Bureau
13 Mar 2006


McAfee announced the appointment of Inflow Techno­­logies

to distri­bute its range of security solutions. McAfee and Inflow Technol­ogies

will now offer the oppor­tunity of selling proven security products and

appliances to partners across 450 cities in India. “The model that Inflow

follows is one of a Value Added Distri­butor (VAD), which addresses the needs

of the customer by ena­bling channel part­ners. For new techno­logies, it is

imperative to have the ability to disseminate technical knowledge to channel

part­ners as soon as possible. Doing this for a vendor alone is very

challenging and hence such partners play a critical role. Inflow has the infras­tructure,

resources and the relationship with both customers and channel community to take

on this role effectively,” said Kartik Shahani, Sales Director, McAfee India.

Vijay G, Head of Informa­tion Security Business &

Partner Alliances, Inflow Technologies said, “We are excited about this new

partnership with McAfee to distribute their security solutions. With McAfee's

basket of global, techno­logically superior and consis­tently award winning

solu­tions we hope to unlock the vast new opportunities in the Indian


DQW News Bureau New Delhi, March 3